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Data extraction From Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many others using Social media data scraping by matching the search criteria has made social data mining easy and business effective. All businesses have their active business page and profile on Facebook that contains all information about business.

Social media data mining services are favored for end-to-end requirements, in a minimal turnaround time. Most of the popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook let crawlers extract data only through their own API (Application Programming Interface), so as to control the amount of information about their users and their activities.

Rubrik IT Solution scrapes social media that scraps services for desired Data at the most effective rate.

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we have developed an expertise in crawling and scraping social media data in real-time. Such data can be from diverse sources such as – Twitter, Linkedin groups, blogs, news, reviews etc. Popular usage of this data is in brand monitoring, trend watching, sentiment/competitor analysis & customer service, among others.

Data Extractor provides a fast, dependable, and precise web scraping services and web data harvesting services to organizations worldwide, including small to medium-sized business enterprises to big-scale companies at reasonable prices.

Our focused web data extraction services addresses your particular requirements like gathering sales leads, product details of the competitors, new offers, rate methodologies, and different other kinds of data from the network.

Facebook Data Extractor

Facebook Data Extractor software tool helps to extract data from Facebook that allow to export user data (ids, email addresses, phone number). You can export list of Facebook Group Members, Facebook Page Likes, Post Engagement, Friends List then save to file. This is the best way to finding & targeting your leads / prospects on Facebook.


  1. Easy to use and generate accurate results as well as user friendly.
  2. Extracted information keep in CSV format, which may simply be opened in surpass.
  3. High speed and multiple search threads for nonpareil potency.
  4. Compatible for all the operating systems and supports Net framework 2.O

Instagram Data Extractor

A Strong Instagram number and email extractor. An Instagram data extraction solution with good options and services that provide user with greater flexibility when extracting data.
These solutions allow users to extract information in an exceedingly very simple way, and that they provide them with tools to filter and verify extracted information and more options, create secure licenses for his or her clients to grant more flexibility during resale and more …


  1. Extract data from the list of Instagram usernames.
  2. Extract email and phone and more from list Instagram usernames.
  3. import list usernames does one want to extract his information.
  4. Export information (Result) to text or CSV files.
  5. Selection fields you wish to export.

LinkedIn Data Extractor

LinkedIn is one of the best professional networks available online today. If you wish to use this powerful social media platform to search and extract data as per your specified criteria, we have just the right solution for you!

LinkedIn Data Scraping gives you the opportunity to leverage all this data to create a tailored list of potential leads with all the information you need to create effective outreach campaigns.


  1. Search by Keyword URLs with support of bulk upload
  2. Choice to extract ‘Records with email only’ OR ‘All Records’
  3. Start, Stop, Pause & Reset options for better control over the tool
  4. Export Scraped Data in csv file
  5. Feature to set the delay in crawling to imitate human like activity, to avoid
  6. Account Blocking

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These tools offer backup archives that allow businesses to recover all the important business information.


These Google business data extractor tools allow the employees to focus more on the core activities of your business.

Reduce risk:

Our data capturing tools reduce risk as it allows easy and quick data retrieval for better service.

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